Bendpak Power Unit E0.8B8F1

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Full Description Specs   Full Description  Every Ranger Products™ hydraulic power unit can be mounted to multiple car lift models, but it’s important to know what you’re lifting before making a purchase. (This is true of both your car lift and your hydraulic power unit.) In most cases, a larger motor and deeper well in your reservoir will translate to faster lifting times and better overall efficiency, but not everyone is lifting 12,000-lb. trucks, so we designed this unit as the “little brother” of our hydraulic power pack collection, featuring a smaller tank to accompany its 1.5 HP motor. Does size matter? We can tell you that less is more with this particular hydraulic power unit. We’re proud of the efficiency of its design, as well as its versatility. The unit was made with our low-rise lifts in mind, which means it can easily power the LR-5T 10,000-lb. capacity low-rise car lift. When it comes to efficient lifting, this little big guy takes the cake, which is something to keep in mind if you think the tank size of your hydraulic power unit is all that counts. The 1.5 HP motor runs extremely quiet and is kept completely covered from dust, dirt, falling debris and even high humidity. Ranger gives you the confidence to operate your hydraulic power pack when in the scorching hear or bitter cold (-13 – 175°F). To be honest, our power units are probably tougher than the operators. It’s easy to lift your car lift with the touch of a button, but most impressive is the way this hydraulic power unit efficiently utilizes gravity during descent for lower electrical output. This saves you on the cost of electricity and reduces wear on your equipment.   Features: Pumps feature high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, low noise level. End head prepared for lift-hold-lower applications using our standard manual lowering valve or solenoid cartridge valves. Totally enclosed motors are suitable for use in humid environments or dusty, contaminated atmospheres. UL Recognized and CSA Certified* AC electric motors feature heavy gauge steel frame and base and high-quality ball bearings. Torque load remains constant throughout the range of operation. Power up, gravity down function. Heavy-duty start switches with a high IP-protection class and silver-plated contacts meet tough demands for a long service life. Cartridge-style relief valves meet tough demands for dependability and life expectancy. Equipped with black plastic and steel reservoirs. Vertical mounting. Equipped with oil level dipstick. High performance cartridge check valve is standard. Most premium grade petroleum-based fluids can be used. Optimum operating viscosity range is 15 - 68 cSt. Minimum recommended temperature is -25ºC (-13ºF). Maximum recommended temperature is +80ºC (+175ºF). 12-months warranty     Specs   //  

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Bendpak Power Unit E0.8B8F1
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