Bendpak Power Unit/E1.2B3F1

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Full Description Specs   Full Description  Don’t let the lighter tank fool you into thinking this hydraulic power unit is weak. In fact, many of our customers prefer smaller tank sizes for one simple reason: they get the job done safely and efficiently. Why get more than you need? The 1.5 HP motor is powerful enough to handle lifting applications on all of our low-rise car lifts, as well as some of our full-sized lifts. Plus, the single-phase, 50/60 Hz design is super-efficient; when used on a low-rise car lift, your car will be lifted to the lift’s max capacity in just 30 seconds. The crowning achievement of the E12B3F1’s design is the fixed-volume hydraulic circuit with an optimized pressure-sensitive relief valve. When the system pressure exceeds 2,500 PSI, the valve opens and allows fluid to bypass rapidly and safely. The valve automatically closes when the pressure levels return to normal. A hydraulic power unit with an optimized relief valve is essential for shops that need to operate heavy loads worry-free. When the “down” button is pressed, the mounted power unit requires less electricity (compared to its ascent). This is accomplished by the hydraulic power unit’s careful engineering, which accounts for the pull of gravity on the lift. Additionally, the entire case of the unit is sealed, protecting the motor from weather, oil, dust, debris, etc. To top it all off, this power unit works in a temperature range of -13 – 175°F. No need to worry if it’s too hot or cold to operate the unit. Last and certainly not least, this hydraulic power pack is totally CE Approved, which is the safety inspection certificate you should be looking for if you don’t want to see sparks and smoke when it’s not the Fourth of July. If you’re looking for exceptional power on a low-rise car lift and the versatility to fit this unit on a range of BendPak lifts, be sure to ask us about the E12B3F1 hydraulic power unit. Features: Pumps feature high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, low noise level. End head prepared for lift-hold-lower applications using our standard manual lowering valve or solenoid cartridge valves. Totally enclosed motors are suitable for use in humid environments or dusty, contaminated atmospheres. UL Recognized and CSA Certified* AC electric motors feature heavy gauge steel frame and base and high-quality ball bearings. Torque load remains constant throughout the range of operation. Power up, gravity down function. Heavy duty start switches with high IP protection class and silver plated contacts meet tough demands for a long service life. Cartridge-style relief valves meet tough demands for dependability and life expectancy. Equipped with black plastic and steel reservoirs. Vertical mounting. Equipped with oil level dipstick. High performance cartridge check valve is standard. Most premium grade petroleum based fluids can be used. Optimum operating viscosity range is 15 - 68 cSt. Minimum recommended temperature is -25ºC (-13ºF). Maximum recommended temperature is +80ºC (+175ºF). 12-months warranty     Specs   //  

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Bendpak Power Unit/E1.2B3F1
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