CEMB C212 Heavy Duty Tire Balancer

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Full Description Specs   Full Description  mmercial truck tires. CEMB's C212 comes fully assembled. Digital TRUCK wheel balancer with automatic cycle, self diagnostics, self calibration, alloy wheel functions, automatic distance & diameter input (2D), direct weight placement program, ELECTROPNEUMATIC wheel lock weight placement. POWERFUL, built-in 500 lb. capacity air-bag lift, SPECIAL CAR MODE designed to balance car wheels with accuracy to one gram. 18-compartment weight tray six centering cones and two spacer plates standard to balance 98% of all wheels from 13" car wheels to SUPER SINGLE truck wheels. Standard Accessories Quick NutQuick release wingnut   Cup + Pressure RingReverse mounting cup with no mar-ring + Pressure ring   Cones3 cones covering hole sizes 1.69” (43mm) to 4.33” (110mm)   Truck Cone Kit2 piece truck cone kit for light truck wheels for hole from 3.82" (97mm) to 7.09" (180mm)   Cones IV + GG Cone IV + GG ring to centre truck or bus wheelswith a centre hole from 7.95" (202mm) to 8.70" (221mm)   CaliperRim width gauge for measuring wheel width   Shaft40mm threaded shaft   Weight PliersCan be used as balanced weight hammer, cutting pliers for trimming wheel weights, and puller to remove the old wheel weights   Test Weight   Allen Wrench8mm allen wrench to mount the 40mm threaded shaft   Pneumatic LiftPedal Operated Pneumatic Lift   Storage2 pegs for adaptors storage                     Features C212 balances steel & light alloy wheels of cars, light & heavy commercial trucks and bus thanks to a 40mm shaft and a large assortment of adaptors and cones standard. Pneumatic stationary brake useful during wheel mounting and counterweight application. Pedal operated pneumatic lift (soft type) enables excellent centering accuracy of the wheel on the shaft. Automatic Distance & Diameter Entry (2D) Fully Automatic Cycle with Breaking Self-Diagnosis and Self-Calibration Menus for quick selection of the following: inches to millimeters unbalanced thresholds 0.1 or 0.035 ounces (1-5g) Direct selection ounces/grams Optimization program for compensation of rim and tire unbalance "Static" program--plus 4 ALU programs for PAX, light alloy or special shaped rims One Button Split & Hidden Weight Program Direct weight location program (no repositioning of stick-on weights) SR215/2 Centering Kit Suitable for all truck wheels with wheel centering on hub Perfect for locking wheels with worn or deformed central hole Accurate centering is assured by the stud bolts when they slip into the corresponding holes on the rim and rest on the seats in the centring ange. The stud bolts must be inserted in the spiders or in the relevant holes. Tighten the spider with the ringnut provided.     Specs Specifications C212 Shaft Size 40mm Car Balancing Speed < 100 rpm Truck Balancing Speed < 70 rpm Car Balancing Accuracy < 1g Truck Balancing Accuracy < 10g Rim Diameter 10" - 30" Rim Width 1.5" - 20" Max. Wheel Weight 550 lbs (250kg) Max. Wheel Diameter 1300mm (4.26ft) Operating Temperature °F 32-113 (°C 0-45) Car Average Cycle Time 8 seconds Truck Average Cycle Time 20 seconds Power Supply 110VAC Max. Power absorbed 1.1 Kw Shipping Dimensions L72" x W48" x H59" Gross Shipping Weight 573 lbs. //

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CEMB C212 Heavy Duty Tire Balancer
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