CEMB SM825PA Tire Changer

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This CEMB tire changer is best suited for gas stations, small garages and auto salvage yards. With CEMB's SM825 you get CEMB high quality for a low price. Comes fully assembled. Standard Accessories CEMB SM825PA Protection Kit Protection Kit Tire tool cover, mounting head inserts and clamp cover CEMB SM825PA tire lever Tire Lever CEMB SM825PA Air Kit Air Kit Oiler, Water Trap and Regulator Features Air Tank in Tower Dual Clamping Cylinders Semi-Automatic Swing Arm Inflator Jets on Each Clamp Inserts Protect Aluminum Wheels Adjustable Bead Breaker Comes Fully Assembled Standard Accessories Clap Covers Tire Tool Cover Duck Head Inserts Tire Lever

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CEMB SM825PA Tire Changer
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