Challenger 15000 15,000lb 2-Post Lift

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Full Description Specs   Full Description                                                                                                                       Avoid downtime and increase your bottom line with our 15,000 lb. two post car lift. The Challenger 15000 2 post lifts are perfect for expanding your fleet service capability and lifting heavier vehicles such as trucks and medium duty commercial vehicles. The 15000 two post car lift features low profile arms, single point air actuated lock release, oversized steel pulleys, 60" lifting carriage, padded overhead cut-off bar, adapter accessories, and truck lift models with column height extensions for higher profile vehicles. No other car lift company gives you more. All our 15,000 lb. capacity truck lifts come standard with Part# 10315 Stack Adapter Extension Kit , #10318 Four Frame Engaging Truck Adapters, #10317 Four Reducer Bushings for use with 10318. Frame engaging adapters (Part #10314 or 10318) are REQUIRED when lifting vehicles with frame construction such as trucks. Standard Accessories  Stack Adapter Extension Kit P/N 10315 Stack Adapter Kit for 10,000 and 12,000 lb. two post and inground car and truck lifts. Drop-in style stack adapters help reach pickup points on vehicles with running boards or side steps. Simply take out the screw pad, drop in the stack adapter extension and replace screw pad to reach lifting points. Stack Adapter Extension Kit includes four 3" Stack Extensions, two 6" Stack Extensions & two Organizer Racks with hardware. Organizer racks mount to automotive lift column to keep adapters within reach. Works with all Challenger two post automotive lifts.   Four Frame Engaging Truck Adapters P/N 10318 Set of 4 frame engaging truck adapters for 10,000, 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000 two post automotive lifts. Frame engaging adapters are ideal for lifting vehicles such as pickup trucks with frames. They provide direct contact to frames without the slipping associated when lifting on slippery, sprayed undercoatings with traditional rubber pads. Cradle provides secure fit to frame in tight spaces. Works with all Challenger above ground two post lifts. 15,000 & 18,000 two post automotive lifts require reducer busing kit part #10317.       Specs Model Number 1500015002 Lift Capacity* 15,000 lbs. (6804kg) A Rise Height1 85-1/2" (2172mm) B Height Overall 14' 6"(4420mm) 16' 6"(5029mm) C Width Overall 12' 10-3/4" (3931mm) D Drive-Thru Clearance 106-3/4" (2711mm) E Floor to Overhead Switch 13' 11"(4242mm) 15' 11"(4851mm) F Arm Reach (Min) 38-1/2" (978mm) G Arm Reach (Max) 62" (1575mm) H Adj. Adapter Height2 6-1/4" / 8-1/2"(159mm / 216mm) I Adj. Adapter Height2(with medium extensions) 10-1/4" / 12-1/2"(260mm / 318mm) J Adj. Adapter Height2(with high extensions) 14-1/4" / 16-1/2"(362mm / 419mm) K Inside Columns 120" (3048mm) Air Supply Required 85 - 115 psi Motor 2HP Voltage (Single Phase Standard)3 208v - 230v Speed of Rise 80 seconds Ceiling Height Required 14' 7"(4445mm) 16' 7"(5055mm) Shipping Weight 3327 lbs. (1509 kg) 3409 lbs. (1546 kg) //

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Challenger 15000 15,000lb 2-Post Lift
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