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Challenger 4015XFX 15,000lb 4-Post Lift

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Challenger Lifts’ 4015series 15,000 lb. four post automotive lifts are the complete package for expanding your service offering and revenue potential. The 4015series four post lift comes in several productivity configurations including open front general service flat deck auto lifts and closed front general service flat deck auto lifts and alignment rack vehicle lift packages that support today’s latest camera imaging alignment systems. With the 4015series four post automotive lift, shops are able to service small passenger cars and medium-duty trucks, vans and fleet vehicles on one automotive lift. The 4015 series 4-post hydraulic auto lifts have a cable lifting design, operate on 208-230v single phase electrical power (optional 3-phase available), have a single point air actuated lock release that disengages all column locks simultaneously for maximum productivity and workflow. 4015series four post auto lifts boast the most working room underneath the runways with the highest rise in the industry at 78”, and the lowest profile runways in the auto lift business at 7”.

With large 9 ½” steel pulleys with Teflon® bearings, ½” cable thickness, fully gusseted base plate and top shroud, offset wrapped column design and louvered approach ramps with anti-skid runway surfaces, the 4015series four post lift is built to lift and built to last. Alignment Rack models (AR4015EAX & AR4015XAX) include a package of two 7,500 lb. rolling jacks, internal air line system for the dual rolling jacks, flush mount stainless steel turning radius gauges, rear slip plates, multi-position work-steps and automatic wheel stops. Featuring a maximum wheelbase range of 182 ½” or 210”, the 4015 four post automotive lift accommodates everything from smaller passenger cars and trucks to medium duty fleet operation vehicles for general service. And with a 4 wheel alignment range (Alignment Rack auto lift models only) from 88” to 158”, shops broaden their service capabilities and make more money by performing alignments on all sorts of vehicles.

Features The highest rise in the industry provides more work space underneath vehicles Single point air actuated lock release disengages all column locks simultaneously 14 level locking positions for a variety of alignment and general service tasks Compatible with the industry’s latest camera imaging alignment systems Recessed stainless steel turning radius gauges provide accurate readings 80" rear recessed free floating slip plates offer a wider range of 4 wheel alignment capabilities Durable non-skid louvered approach ramps for positive vehicle traction and technician safety Fully gusseted base plate and top shroud reduces column deflection and is less sensitive to uneven floors Large 9-1/2” heavy-duty steel pulleys with Teflon® bearings, plated steel pins and 1/2” cable diameter reduces wear on cable suspension system.

Optional AR4015XAX Alignment Rack Package Includes

(2) 9,000lb Rolling Jack, Flush Mount SS Turning Radius Gauges, Internal Airline Kit, Rear Slip Plates, Multi-Position Work-Steps & Automatic Wheel Stops RJ7.5 7,500lb Rolling Jack 7,500 lb. capacity

Rolling Jack for 4015series four post automotive lifts features air/hydraulic operation and includes (4) 3" stack adapters. Broaden your service revenue with easy access to brakes and wheels from underneath four post lifts. 7,500 lb. capacity rolling jacks features adjustable width, low vehicle drive-over clearance, stackable height extensions with built-in storage rack and factory installed and protected filter lubricator and regular. Flush Mount Stainless Steel Turning Radius Gauges Stainless Steel turning radius gauges for 4P12series, 44018AR and 4015series four post car and truck lifts. Turning radius gauges are used for front wheel alignments to measure how many degrees the front wheels are turned left or right. They are commonly used when measuring caster, camber and toe-out on turns for alignment capable automotive lifts. General service four post automotive lifts can be turned into alignment capable four post lifts with a bolt on alignment kit (Part #40200-3DSS) which includes stainless steel turning radius gauges. 40230X Internal Airline Kit Internal air line kit for dual rolling jack operation on 15,000 lb. capacity four post automotive lifts. Internal airline kit, #40230E provides air for dual rolling jack on the 4015series standard length four post lifts. #40230X provides air for dual rolling jack operation on the 4015series extended length four post lifts.    

Specs Open Front Closed Front Alignment Rack Package Flat Deck Alignment Rack Package Flat Deck Model Number AR4015EAO AR4015XAO


Lift Capacity 15,000 lbs. 15,000 lbs. A Length Overall 20' 9" (6325mm) 23' (7010mm) 20' 9" (6325mm) 23' (7010mm) 20' 4-1/2" (6210mm) 22' 8" (6909mm) 20' 4-1/2" (6210mm) 22' 8" (6909mm) B Width Overall 11' 10" front - 11' 2-1/2"rear(3607mm front - 3416mm rear) 11' 2-1/2" (3416mm) CInside Columns 120" front - 120" rear(3048mm front - 3048mm rear) 120"(3048mm) D Between Columns 195" (4953mm) 222 1/2" (5652mm) 195" (4953mm) 222 1/2" (5652mm) 196" (4978mm) 223 1/2" (5677mm) 196" (4978mm) 223 1/2" (5677mm) E Height of Columns 8' 3-1/2" front - 7' 9-1/2"rear(2527mm front - 2375mm rear) 7' 6-1/2"(2299mm) F Height of Runways 7" (178mm) 7" (178mm) G Width of Runways 20" (508mm) 20" (508mm) H Width between Runways (Minimum / Maximum) 43" (1092mm) 40" / 43" (1016mm / 1092mm) I Maximum Wheelbase1 182 1/2"(4635mm) 210"(5334mm) 182 1/2"(4635mm) 210"(5334mm) 182 1/2"(4635mm) 210"(5334mm) 182 1/2"(4635mm) 210"(5334mm) J Rise Height 78" (1981mm) 78" (1981mm) Max. 2 Wheel Alignment 166 1/2" (4229mm) 194" (4927mm) N/A 166 1/2" (4229mm) 194" (4927mm) N/A 4 Wheel Alignment 88" - 158" (2235mm - 4013mm) N/A 88" - 158" (2235mm - 4013mm) N/A Air Supply Required 90 -120 psi Clean & Dry 90 -120 psi Clean & Dry Motor 2HP 2HP Voltage (1 Phase Std.)2 208v - 230v 208v - 230v Speed of Rise 85 seconds 85 seconds Min. Recomm. Bay Size 12´ x 24" 12´ x 26" 12´ x 24" 12´ x 26" 12´ x 24" 12´ x 26" 12´ x 24" 12´ x 26" Shipping Weights 4800 lbs.(2177 kg) 4950 lbs.(2245 kg) 3980 lbs.(1805 kg) 4160 lbs.(1887 kg) 4400 lbs.(1996 kg) 4600 lbs.(2087 kg) 3610 lbs.(1637 kg) 3790 lbs.(1719 kg) //

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Challenger 4015XFX 15,000lb 4-Post Lift
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