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Challenger CL4P9S 9,000 lb. 4 Post Car Lift

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Challenger’s 7,000 lb. capacity and 9,000 lb. capacity 4-post garage lifts offer maximum versatility. These lifts can complement a home enthusiast’s garage or commercial storage application. They can also handle any light duty general service application. Choose between a wide range of optional accessories to customize your lift to exactly meet your needs.

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Lifting Capacity 9,000 lbs.

Length Overall 209.5”

Width Overall 112.25”

Inside Columns 95”

Between Columns 160.5”

Height of Columns 7’ .5”

Height of Runways (Floor to top of Runway) 7”

Width of Runways 20”

Width Between Runways 38”

Rise Height (Top of Runway at top position) 73.25”

Clearance Height (Storage) 67.75"

Max. Wheelbase* 155”

Crossbeam Clearance Height 68”

Motor 1HP/2HP

Voltage (1 Phase Std) 115v/230v

Speed of Rise (115v/230v) 120/60 s

Min. Recommended Bay Size 11’ x 22’’

ALI/ETL Certified

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Challenger CL4P9S 9,000 lb. 4 Post Car Lift
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