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Hofmann HOF1625EM Tire Changer

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Hofmann monty™ 1625em Swing-Arm Tire Changer w/"EasyMont" Bead Assist

Hofmann’s monty 1625 series tire changers are designed for high-volume tire shops, multi-bay repair shops and car dealerships. The monty 1625 series swing-arm tire changers feature 24" outer-wheel clamping standard (28" with optional adapters). These tire changers feature a four-jaw clamping chuck which is self-centering and clamps wheels with either a 26" inner or 24" outer diameter. Now available in a new two-speed configuration.


  • Accommodates Large Wheel & Tire Assemblies
  • Allowing for a tire diameter of 50" on the monty 1625 (42" on the monty 1625em), and an outer-wheel diameter of 20", can handle wheel and tire assemblies found on cars and light trucks.
  • Dual Wheel Clamping Cylinders
  • Dual pneumatic clamping cylinders control all four clamping jaws, eliminating damage to wheels due to slippage.
  • Four-Jaw Clamping Chuck
  • Self-centering and clamps wheels with either 26" inner or 24" outer diameter.
  • Multi Position Bead Breaker
  • 6,000 lbs. of power at the bead shovel and a range of 18" wide.
  • The two-stage pneumatic cylinder provides precise power and can be toggled with the foot pedal as needed.
  • Both the stiffest and the softest sidewalls are a snap.
  • No damage to the tires while loosening the beads.
  • Powerful Tire Inflation System
  • Powerful air blast operated by the foot pedal.
  • Each moveable jaw is precisely set to the exact position under the wheel to seal the tire bead.
  • Built To Last
  • Heavy, solid ½" thick steel clamping table.
  • Rugged steel-reinforced chasis.
  • Rust-proof air cylinders and valves.
  • Compressed air lubricator and regulator on-board - keeps valves and cylinders maintenance-free.

EAA0329G36B EasyMont Pro Pneumatic Bead Assist

Hofmann EAA0329G35B EasyMont Pro Pneumatic Bead Assist

EasyMont Pro features a three-piece design with a Top Roller, Pressing Foot, and Lifting Disc. Each piece provides a specialized function that assists a single operator in mounting/demounting low-profile and high-performance tires.

  • Bead Assist Device for Monty 1625 & 1625em Machines.
  • Assists operator with bead lubrication, wheel clamping, lower bead lifting, re-loosens beads, and allows easy one-operator mounting of the stiff upper bead.
  • EAA0329G36B - Standard with monty 1625em (M1625EM110), Optional with monty 1625 (EEWH748A & MONTY1625).
  • Top Roller
  • Demounting - Presses down on the tire sidewall, provides clearance for easy positioning of the mount/demount head, upper bead lubrication, and easy insertion of the demount tire lever.
  • Mounting - The roller retains the bead under the nose of the mounting head. Works in conjunction with the Pressing Foot to keep the tire bead below the wheel drop center as the tire rotates 360° during the mounting process.
  • Pressing Foot
  • Tire Clamping - Presses the wheel in the center hole which allows the lower bead to clear the wheel’s rim for easy clamping.
  • Tire Mounting - Presses the upper tire sidewall into the drop center and holds it in place during the 360° rotation required for mounting the upper bead is complete. Allows one-technician operation for mounting stiff sidewall, run-flat and high-performance tires.
  • Lifting Disc: Loosens lower beads that often re-seat. To remove the upper bead, the lower bead must be free to move vertically during demounting. Provides an "extra hand" to lift and hold wide tires to facilitate insertion of the demount lever to remove the lower bead.
  • For better cosmetic protection of expensive tires and wheels, an optional adjustable bead breaking disc can be fitted to the EasyMont Pro. This disc allows for breaking the tire beads using 360° tire rotation while the disc gently presses the tire bead dynamically, thus preserving tire and wheel.

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Hofmann HOF1625EM Tire Changer
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