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Rotary SM30-L Heavy Duty 30,000lb 4-Post Lift

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Heavy Duty Surface mounted runway type drive on rotary 4 post lift with 24" wide runways that can be set for variable tread width setting. Runways and ramps have an oil resistant, non-skid coating. Includes Air operated single point release locking latches. Internal air line with quick disconnects, electric-hydraulic operation.   Cylinder located under the runway Dual function Sentinel Lock™ System Internal airline Adjustable latch bars ALI Gold Certified (SM30N0-X)    



Max. Wheelbase 271"

Rise 68"

Length Overall 28' 8 1/8" Width Overall 12' 4 13/16" Inside of Columns 132" Between Columns 285" Height of Columns 7' 3/4" Width of Runways 24" Height of Runways 8 3/8" Width Between Runways (min.) 41" Width Between Runways (max.) 48" Lifting Capacity 30,000 lbs. Motor 4 HP Voltage Single Phase 208v-230v Time of Full Rise 105 seconds Min. Bay Size 16'x33'

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Rotary SM30-L Heavy Duty 30,000lb 4-Post Lift
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