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Rotary SPOA10 10,000lb 2-Post Lift

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Productivity for decades. Rotary Lifts has been the recognized leader in vehicle service lifts. This legendary reputation has set the standard for quality, durability, reliability and attention to safety throughout the automotive service market. Service and Support With Rotary lifts, you have the service and support you need. Our world-wide network of service companies are always standing by. 

Lift Safety Standards Most of our lifts are third party tested by ETL and certified by ALI to meet or exceed strict ANSI standards such as cable cut and deformation tests. Be sure the lift you buy has the gold ALI/ETL label that assures your lift has been tested to meet these standards. Technician Productivity Features Unlike most other lifts, Rotary Lifts power units are designed and built by for Rotary lifts. We don't use 3rd party power units which are for universal applications.

Adjustable height option on two-post column extensions gives you flexibility during installation to maximize the vehicles you can service with each lift. The patented "Double S" (US Patent No. 5,009,287) single piece construction column design provides a channel for the bearings to travel that maximizes the strength of the column and surface contact area of the bearing. Slider block bearings of Tivar? 1000 polyethylene are self-lubricating and maintenance free. Arm restraints make positioning of arms easy. They engage when the lift is raised and automatically disengage when the lift is fully lowered. High-pressure cylinders in each column provide maximum lifting force and smooth operation. Overhead padded switch bar to prevent damaging a vehicle from being raised too high.

Standard three-position flip-up adapters allow for quick and easy contact with pickup points on a variety of vehicles. We offer the highest standard adapter reach in the industry, often avoiding the need for additional adapters. Low profile arm design on all 10,000 lbs. capacity models (4 from floor to flip-up adapter min. height) accommodate more vehicles.

Three-Stage/Front and Two-Stage/Rear arms: The three-stage arm increases overall arm sweep and minimum arm reach to precisely lift vehicles that have: Uni-body construction Visually marked pick-up points on the vehicle Wider wheelbase and lower profile A short or long wheelbase Features True asymmetric rotated column design "Double-s" single piece column Performance tested to 20,000 lift cycles Manufactured with nearly 90 years of lift expertise ALI Gold Certified


Model SPOA10-FA

Adapters Flip Up

Capacity 10,000 lbs.

Rise 78 1/4"

Overall Height 11' 8 1/2"

Overall Width 11' 5 3/8"

Drive-Thru 95 1/4"

Front Arm Min/Max 24"-40 3/4"

Rear Arm Min/Max 40 1/4"-61"

Min. Adapter Height 4 3/4"

Min. Bay Size 12'x24'

Ceiling Height Min. 12'

Motor 2 HP

Voltage 208v-230v

Time of Full Rise/Decent 45 secs./40 secs.

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Rotary SPOA10 10,000lb 2-Post Lift
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