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Tuxedo WB-448 Truck Wheel Balancer

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    Tuxedo WB-448 Truck Wheel Balancer A high performance machine, this heavy-duty Truck Wheel Balancer with standard pneumatic wheel lift, balances up 298lbs. quickly and accurately. A great addition to any truck maintance shop. Features: Designed for balancing heavy truck wheels (up to 298 lbs) Back saving pneumatic wheel lift standard Self-calibrating and self diagnostics ST, AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4 balancing methods Capable of balancing a full range of wheels.Car and truck cones standard Foot brake for manual stop Weight storage Pegs for accessories Tool box standard Specifications: Max wheel weight: 298lbs. Balancing speed: 200 rpm Rim diameter: 10" - 24" Rim width: 1 1/2"- 20" Working pressure: 72- 116 psi Max Wheel Diameter: 47" Power supply : 220 vac Shipping weight: 595 lbs. 

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Tuxedo WB-448 Truck Wheel Balancer
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