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Tuxedo Wheel Balancer 953 No Hood

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    Tuxedo WB-953-B Wheel Balancer (No Hood) The WB-953-B Wheel Balancer is a highly accurate and durable wheel balancing system that incorporates unbeatable standard features including, Multi-Mode Vehicle Balancing for Cars & Motorcycles, Static/Dynamic & 3 ALU balance configurations, Storage Pegs and four sizes of centering Cones! Features: User Friendly Operation | LED, touch-panel Keypad with easy to read icons assisting operators utilizing all balancing functions Large Rim Diameter Balancing | able to balance up to 24" Rim diameter & 39" overall Wheel Diameter Multi-Mode Vehicle Balancing | Standard with Car & Motorcycle balancing modes Ease-Of-Use | With manual measurement input for distance & diameter with Static/Dynamic & 3 ALU modes Self-Calibrating & Self Diagnosis | For improved efficiency & serviceability Integrated Measurement Indicator | Allows for ease of acquiring measurement data with a retractable, stylish measuring tool, integrated into the machine Multi-User Operation | Allows 2 operators to work simultaneously with different settings Integrated Centering Spring | To assist with quick and proper wheel mounting on balancing shaft Electronic Braking System | Conveniently slows wheel down after balancing cycle Heavy Duty Balancing Shaft | 36mm diameter balancing shaft accommodates wide range of wheels of different sizes and shapes Speed-Nut Mounting | The Speed-Nut allows for quick and efficient wheel mounting, easily securing the wheel to the spindle with convenient lead-in screw Multi Pocket Wheel Weight Shelf | 23 articulated pockets, over 1.5" deep, allowing plenty of storage for weights, tooling and cones Large Wheel Hood | The large 38" hood/shroud prevents debris from flying off the tire while in use Storage Pegs | For convenient storing of balancer cones and caliper on side of housing. Standard Accessories: 100g Weight Weight Hammer/Applications Tool Wheel Caliper Clamp Bowl/Bowl Edge Cone Sets - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes Speed-Nut Assembly Large Measurement Indicator Specifications: Data Entry | Keypad Max Wheel Diameter | 39" Rim Width | 1.5" - 20" Rim Diameter | 10" - 24" Wheel Weight Capacity | 150 lbs Accuracy | 1 gram Power | 110 VAC-15 Amp 1 PH Balancing Time | 7 Seconds RPM | 200 Ship Weight | 305 lbs

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Tuxedo Wheel Balancer 953 No Hood
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